How Blaq Universe Works

Thanks for taking the time to support Blaq Universe.  The goal of the site is to bring people together World-Wide in efforts of promoting brands, people, causes, jobs, talent, country, YOU and the list goes on.  We want to make this platform safe but exciting to come to, you’ll constantly see growth on this platform through quality.  We believe 10 years from now, we’ll still be running, in the same way, Facebook, Youtube, Google has been consistent.  Those platforms are well respected but we believe in our mission to succeed in the digital universe with all of its tools and talented people who want to be apart of something great.  


***Blaq Universe will only connect with your profile when you upload your visual picture as an entity, promote your business, promote yourself, your brand, your message, your group.  Your profile has to be visible & interactive just like your Facebook profile for Blaq Universe to connect with you.

***If your profile is not visible and does not show any pictures or information about you, your brand, business or organization.  Blaq Universe will not connect with you because you choose not to adhere to Blaq Universe request.  We just want people to be visible to everyone.  You’ll continue as an anonymous profile. 


-Do you have a problem with your online profile that you created? If so send a detailed email to and in the subject line write Blaq Universe and add a detailed message of what’s going on.  The more proactive you are the sooner things happen, THANK YOU!

-Are you a talented writer and want to displays your writing on this site? If you believe this is you CLICK HERE 

-Are you a programmer/developer and looking to use your skills as an intern for a bigger cause?  If you believe this is you CLICK HERE


****Blaq Universe closes down Friday at 12:00 AM (Midnight) and will open back up 5 AM on Monday because we want to give YOU the chance to recharge and it gives us “Blaq Universe” the chance to make quality updates.  Thanks!



Thanks for reaching out, were not around right now. Leave a detailed message and we will get back to you accordingly.


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